Redefining Lostness

Several years ago, two of my good friends invited me to go hunting with them deep in the mountains of Montana. On one of the last days of our hunting adventure, we found ourselves far from camp as the sun began to set. Before we knew it, darkness set in so quickly that we could […]

How To Quit Living For The Line

Imagine if you were seeking marriage advice and an “expert” told you to find the bare minimum that would be required on your part to keep your spouse from divorcing you. Some sort of imaginary line that if you performed above that line, your spouse would stay with you. However, if you perform below that […]

How To Live Without Stress

How To Live Without Stress I know what you’re thinking. You’ve read the title to this article and you’re thinking, “Yeh, right…” Perhaps like you, I’ve spent most of my life thinking that stress was just a fact of life for those of us who are “getting things done”. But recently, God showed me from […]

How To Not Stink

CLICK HERE to listen to the Podcast How do you respond when the things God has promised you don’t seem to be happening? This is an important topic because how you respond when God doesn’t seem to be coming through for you could be the difference between you stinking or not stinking – spiritually speaking. […]