Why I Believe What I Believe

When I was in my twenties (just as the crust of the earth was cooling) I realized that I didn’t know why I believed what I believed about Christianity. I grew up in a Christian home, married a Christian woman, and always went to church. Living in that bubble, I was never forced to think about why I was a Christian. But one day as a young adult, with no real crisis driving me, I began to ponder why I believed what I believed. I was firm on what I believed, I just couldn’t tell you why.

I think we would all agree that it’s important to know WHAT we believe (insert optional “Well,DUH!’ here). But how many of us ever ask ourself WHY we believe it? That’s a critical question to ask yourself, because (more…)

What God Taught Me While Hangin’ With the “Haves”

Could This One Thing Be Keeping You From God's Blessings?

A couple summers ago I had an opportunity to spend several days in what seemed like another world. My wife and I were invited by her cousins, Lloyd and Glenda, to spend several days on their $3 million yacht cruising the San Juan Islands of Washington. Lloyd and Glenda are what many would call the “haves” – as opposed to the “have-nots”. I think it’s worth noting that it’s usually the “have-nots” that tend to make the distinction between themselves and the “haves”.

As we walked down the dock past the lines of rich people and multi-million dollar yachts, my mind was engaged in a battle. (more…)